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International Alan Rickman MEETUP Day is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, August 13th @ 8:00PM!

MEETUPs are informal, local, face-to-face gatherings where Alan Rickman fans of all types
can talk about all-things-Alan Rickman.

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All MEETUPs are free and are taking place in 540 cities worldwide! We've tried to make it easy by picking some good MEETUP venues for this event, including local cafes, restaurants, and bars.

JULY 17, 2002
Thanks to everyone for visiting! Today I had 1,297 visitors, and the total for this half of the month was 33,358! I will be adding more pictures soon, and I'll be adding to the Biography page. Someone recently let me know that I forgot Closet Land in the Filmography, and that will also be added. I'll hopefully have all that up because August 8th. So keep coming back! And anyone who has any announcements like the ones I've been receiving can e-mail EXACTLY what you want posted to You can send a personal message with it, but make sure to give enough information for visitors.

From : "Dube, Deanna"
To : "''"
Subject : Alan Rickman
Date : Thu, 9 May 2002 14:49:51 -0700

On May 23, 2002, the Discovery Fund For Eye Research begins it's 10 day Seeing the Stars celebrity eyewear charity auction on eBay. For the second year in a row, Alan Rickman has generously donated a signed photo to auction. Would you like to place a link to the main auction page on your site to help Mr. Rickman's admirers find this wonderful package? Though the auction isn't on yet, the page is up on eBay for preview.

The link to eBay main portal auction page is:

And a preview of the photo is posted at:

Just thought you might be interested in this information.

Deanna Dube'
Development Assistant
The Discovery Fund For Eye Research